Our company took its present form in 2007, following 10 years of development work by CTO Marc Paish. Marc initially invented a new approach to driving pleasure boats, before focusing his attention on machines that generate power from rivers and the tides.

Marc partnered with Commercial Director Howard Nimmo and the new team wrote a business plan and raised equity from local incubator funds. Working with IT Power and other partners, Pulse matched the equity with public grants and engaged in a development programme which began with tank testing and culminated in the deployment of the "Pulse-Stream 100" tidal power generator in May 2009.

This machine, which generates up to 100kW of electrical power from the tides in the North of England, is grid-connected and generating power today.

The success of the Pulse-Stream 100 has allowed Marc and Howard to expand the team, and, since the middle of 2009, the company has added CEO, CFO and Engineering Director, plus an mechanical engineer. We have also secured relationships with 7 world-class execution partners, received an €8m grant from the EU, entered the Carbon Trust Incubator and won £40,000 in the Shell Springboard competition.

From its earliest beginnings, Pulse Tidal has been focused on making tidal power a commercial reality. The R&D phase is now over, and Pulse Tidal is a rapidly growing young company, moving confidently toward leadership of the tidal power sector.

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